Arash Behzadi is an exciting new talent in contemporary New Age music with a musical gift that is pure and unfiltered, one that comes directly from the heart. He views the piano as an allegory for life, his soulful piano compositions mirroring existence in all its complexities from moments of profound sadness and loss to exhilaration and new beginnings.

One moment he gently caresses the keys, the next, he throws his entire being into a visceral driving force, his powerful emotions inviting dialogue with, and response from, his instrument, sharing musical narratives that reflect his own personal life journey.

Sometimes it may even take a frozen lake to capture a chapter in that journey. For a composition he called Solitude, Arash drove through Ontario’s winter wilderness, his piano loaded onto a truck, in search of a desolate spot to shoot the video for the song. A windswept ice-bound lake on a pale grey day proved to be the perfect spot.

The frozen lake reflects Arash’s passionate search for new and evocative visual metaphors to frame his musical narratives as do his many collaborations with artists in other spheres such as dance, theatrical performance, film and animation.

Welcome friends! I’m a composer and pianist creating life-inspired healing compositions, showcasing my music in what I feel are truly innovative ways. Please check out some of my videos which I hope you will find quite enchanting. If you would like to learn more about my musical journey with regular updates, I invite you to join my newsletter. May you find healing and joy in my music and carry it with you always.

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