Arash Behzadi


Arash Behzadi is an exciting new voice in contemporary modern composition. He sees the piano as an allegory for life itself: it’s wide tonal range is both a physical and musical expression of the gamut of emotions a person feels while traversing his or her own experience. His improvisational approach to composition is at once freeing, calming, and arrestingly intricate.

Born in Tehran, Arash now lives and works in between US and Canada and he regularly travels to many other exciting places in the world. This worldliness allows him to express himself more deeply through music. Each original piece is inspired by an experience in Arash’s life.

Arash has a long history of piano performance under his belt. He has been performing original compositions as well as arrangements of popular music for over 25 years. In addition to creating music to mirror his own experience, he also plays to deepen his strong ties with the new age art community. Arash’s compositions embody the spirit of creating a place of peace, transforming the body and mind through both tranquil and emotional sound. Arash also performs live and contributes to various Yoga events.

The depth of Arash’s music creates a magical and soulful experience in a spiritual environment. The nature of his music is one of mindfulness and tranquility, and listeners will find the peace it enables therapeutic and helpful with the healing of spiritual and physical ailments.  Arash’s compositions come from the deepest part of his soul and will touch the deepest soul of those who listen with full mind and spirit.

While chiefly performing solo piano pieces, Arash is also a dynamic collaborator. He has worked with world-renowned choreographers, singers, musicians and other artists. In a recent collaborative project with Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam, Arash created a dynamic and engaging dance piece entitled “Joy Of Storm.” Arash has also collaborated with Lisandro Gomez and Tatiana Melnyk, in bringing a modified Argentine Tango dance to his upcoming “Dilemma” composition. Many of his pieces are narrative in nature and thus lend themselves to visual collaboration, whether with dance and choreography or soundtracking film and television.


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